The Ifeelgoods Fulfillment API is a Rewards Delivery Service which is one component of the Ifeelgoods Platform. It allows you to grab digital and physical rewards on-demand from a wide range of providers as listed on our Catalog and send these to your end users.

This is a RESTful JSON-based API with a focus on practicality and ease of use. Here you will find the reference, guides and how-to useful to integrate the Ifeelgoods Fulfillment API as quickly as possible.

URLs & Versioning

The current API version is version 2.

  • API URL:
  • OAuth URL:

The API URL includes the version of the API. When changes do not allow backward compatibility, the API URL will be updated with a new version number in order to not break applications using the previous version.

API Status

We provide a Status Page where you can stay up to date on our operational status. We will communicate about maintenance windows, incidents and API updates through that page so we encourage you to subscribe to one of the notification channels provided (Email, RSS, etc)

Health Check

You can check-up our API health using following endpoint:

It will return an HTTP 200 status if our servers are accessible.